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May 24 2015


Photographer Steven Paul Fashion photography New York

Photographer Steven Paul
Award-winning New York commercial fashion photographer Steven Paul understands just how to create an entrance. His photography is evocative, sensual and daring - playing with dramatic light and cinematic stories creating provocatively stunning pictures. Steven Paul captures hidden secrets, desires that are dark and heavy emotion - infusing the most apparently banal scene with drama and passion. The detail to creative and composition expression of Paul is hard and uncanny hitting. His focus goes beyond lenses and lightening. Driven with a shoot's energy and mood, Paul melds avant
Garde trend with thought provoking vision for a new take on beauty and fashion photography. As a
Creative photographer, Paul has the rare gift of being able to translate a vision from his imagination into reality.

Fashion photography

Working with compositions, Paul brings his vision to life by space, scale and careful sculpture. Despite Paul's
Continuing growing portfolio and success, he stays driven and focused to produce more artwork. Each day is an
Opportunity to master something new, push on his creative borders, and explore new possibilities. Since breaking into fashion photography, Steven Paul has continued to stun critics with his edgy, thought-provoking editorial pictures.

The International Photography Awards got nearly 18,000 entries from 104 countries across the
Earth. IPA is a sister-effort of the Lucie Foundation, where the top three greatest winners are declared at the
Yearly Lucie Awards gala ceremony. The mission of the Foundation would be to honor master photographers, to discover
new and emerging talent and to encourage the appreciation of photography.
And opportunity to acknowledge and recognize modern photographer's achievements in this
Specialized and highly visible competition.


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